Optimum Complexity
Advanced Investment Strategies

Optimum Complexity

Next Generation AI in Finance

  • Optimum is the only company to measure complexity using a proven approach and to launch complexity-based investment strategies.

  • Optimum uses proprietary technology, based on a radically new model-free measure of correlations, to trade a number of investment portfolios. Optimum also advises financial companies on better managing their risk.

  • Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT) has been created in 2003 by Optimum’s co-Founder & CTO Dr. J. Marczyk and is adopted in various industries by tens of clients. A Proven concept.

  • Optimum’s complexity metric provides early warning signals as markets under stress undergo rapid complexity fluctuations. Conventional methods are unable to identify such precursors.

Realise that everything connects to everything.
— Leaonardo da Vinci, 1484


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Obtains Wealth & Management 2018 Award UK’s Best Portfolio Management & Design Consultancy