Optimum Complexity
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Optimum Complexity

Next Generation AI in Finance

Realise that everything connects to everything.
— Leonardo Da Vinci, 1484

Unconventional  AI Produces Trading Signals Based on the Complexity of Financial Markets


At Optimum Complexity we believe contemporary asset management, portfolio design and risk assessment neglect the key feature of our economy—its complexity.

The increase of complexity and turbulence in the modern economy demands new approaches when it comes to making informed investment decisions.

In finance, as in all disciplines, there exists Complexity within its elements, be they stocks, bonds, currencies, derivatives or any combination of these cloaked as a portfolio of assets, and it is the measurement of their Complexity which enable us to evaluate RISK more effectively and therefore construct portfolios with superior risk adjusted returns. 

Unlike conventional techniques, Optimum adopts a model-free approach to measure Complexity and therefore risk. Optimum creates advanced investment strategies for Asset Management companies, investment banks, and institutional investors.


 Optimum participates at the Fund Forum International in Berlin, June 2018.

Optimum participates at the Fund Forum International in Berlin, June 2018.

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Receives Wealth & Management 2018 Award as UK's Best Portfolio Management and Design Consultancy